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Vastu For Success

Education Vastu

To score in exams without any breakage Vastu can help you a lot. Here are some points which you should follow to study according to Vastu:

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1. If the Education place is in the house, then it should not be near to the location of the bathroom, toilet and utility rooms.

2. Study by facing East Direction.

3. Students should sleep with their head to east Direction.

4. The ‘Concentration power’ of the brain can be increased by using 7 Chakras. The Children can sit very well for 2-3 hours continuously without any discomfort, with full concentration and can memorize all the important concepts of studies.

5. In your study room there should have solid wall behind your study table for support.

6. In the study room any beam running above your study table should not be there.

7. There should be an open view opposite the study table.

8. Saraswati Idol or Saraswati yantra on the study table obtains beneficial results.

9. If E, N, NE is not faced then Performance level or extra efforts goes down.

10. Bookshelves must never be above the study table.

11. Study table must not be cluttered by books.

12. If there is Mirror in your Study room, mirror should not be at the back wall of study table.

13. Study room colors should be Green, Light green, Light Blue, Cream, White.

Career Vastu

Career is important for every person after their study. To shine their career and to achieve high sky one should be aware of every phase of life that can return good results.

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According to Vastu every person should follow some prescribed norms:

1. One should work facing north or east always because North is the direction of positive energy.

2. Do not work under uncovered beam.

3. Avoid toilet bathrooms on East, North-East and north side.

4. Avoid staircase on North-East side at work place.

5. There should not be wall opposite to the main door of office or home.

6. Do not face toilet door while working.

7. There should not be toilet wall behind your sitting place in office.

8. Solid wall is advised behind while you work at home or office.

9. Avoid kitchen at North-East side at home or office.

10. Sit facing the door in the office.

11. In the office hang a picture of mountains behind you.

12. Place the computer on your right side in the office .