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Tools for Self-Employed Internet Entrepreneurs

For some people, working for themselves online is like a dream come true. Not only are they capable to select clients, manage responsibilities and work, how, where and when they want, but the complete sense of empowerment that comes through being their own boss is a feeling that’s second to none.

According to Sir Isaac Newton, however, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So, while working from the comforts of a home-office in pajamas might look like an alluring offer, leading to the internet to make a living has its flaws, too. Chalk it up to the client management frustrations, being completely responsible for the failure or success of your digital business or struggling to concentrate while working alone from a personal computer, being self-employed is one of the things that’s easier said than done.

Luckily, there are a large number of tools exist to provide a helping hand. At the present time, concerned with your productivity, there are some advanced high-quality resources to keep you on task. Below, you’ll find five of the best:

1. GetResponse.

If you want to improve your inbound marketing efforts, GetResponse will help you. This marketing automation software builds it quite easy to generate online sales funnels that convert.

Whether you want to create an email drip marketing campaign or a robust webinar, GetResponse has a collection of software that can automate your funnel. If we talk about being an internet entrepreneur, this tool can build the difference between a high grossing month and a loss.

It has some sense. No matter your moneymaking niche or expertise area, countless emails is constantly being forwarded and obtained. As such, why not make email a more powerful marketing tool with an excellent, first-rate automation platform?

2. Slack.

While there are bound to be a no. of Fleep, Skype and HipChat proponents who read this post, Slack is hands down the best messaging software exist for self-employed entrepreneurs. When utilized correctly, it works as the primary component of your team’s internal interaction.

And don’t think, it’s just another messaging program. The unique feature of Slack is that it’s capable to integrate with other productivity tools such as Jira or Trello (see below). Moreover, file-sharing is a drag-and-drop activity with Slack. Subsequently, everything is searchable and organized.

3. WorkFlowMax.

Real-time communication is good and all, but for improved productivity, project management plays the most significant role. Yup, you found it — WorkFlowMax stakes its claim as the most straightforward and simplest job management software on the market.

Getting apart from the useless whistles and bells of most job management platforms, what makes WorkFlowMax different from the rest of its competitors is its cloud based and unique interface. Representing important tasks, the members of the team can forward instant quotes and easily track time spent on projects. This facilitates an internet entrepreneur to streamline the invoicing process through traceable time. The platform also incorporates with world class software solutions, i.e. Hubspot for marketing and Xero for accounting.

4. Evernote.

If you’ve taken the entrepreneurial plunge and are now working for yourself, you’ve heard about Evernote. It’s a game-changing resource with a good reason. For instance, have you ever seen or read something online you realize could highly change your business for the better? Definitely, you have. But restricted by an endless to-do list, you have to either forget where you found the top-tier tidbit, the message it transmitted or the effect you basically felt it could have on your business. Useless to say, none of these options will work.

Fortunately, as a cross-platform, note-taking program, Evernote makes remembering significant information a breeze. Whether it is a full web page, formatted text, voice memo or a photograph, Evernote takes jotting down notes to a complete new level.

5. If This, Then That (IFTTT)

Time is a business person’s most important asset. Give a thought to it. No amount of entrepreneurial brilliance can compensate the valuable hours and minutes that have been lost. Simply put, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. This can’t be understood by any time-saving tool better than IFTTT.

IFTTT means “If This, Then That.” Generally, IFTTT is a web-based service that permits self-employed entrepreneurs to generate chains of simple, task-oriented statements that integrates a host of popular tools. The result? Automation kicks into high gear, saving you some precious time.

For instance, let’s say that you have a business that depends highly on Facebook for marketing. Employing IFTTT, the moment someone likes a photo your business updated, you can set things up to get an email notification and automatically download photo to DropBox.

Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, MailChimp, Spotify and even Alexa — if there’s a tool you’re regularly using during the workday, there’s an amazingly high chance that IFTTT is capable to employ it to help you build out a streamlined, more meaningful working experience.

This list doesn’t consist of many surprises. Time and time again, each of the above mentioned tools has proven that they are not appropriate for the self-employed. If you work for yourself, you owe it to your business to give them a try. You’ll be happy you did.

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