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Tactics & Tips: For Exam Preparation

Exam day has come, and you know you just have prepared adequately, but you may still be anxious when the time of exam actually comes. Because, Studying for exams at any point in the semester can be stressful, but studying for finals can be extra stressful. Every one knows that exams are serious things. You can’t play with your academic future, so it’s necessary to take them seriously.There are a number of ways to improve the test scores in final exam without staying up all night and cramming.

“Study smarter, not harder” is the cliche — but it’s true!

Never Underestimate Yourself.


Firstly Never rely on other people in trying to get better results from them. Increase your confidence. Secondly, you have to find your learning style, if you don’t know how to learn in the best way, it becomes impossible for you.


Don’t Get panic after Seeing Huge Amount of Study Material.


As you’re scheduling your study time don’t be panic after seeing vast study material. Add keywords, summaries, idea maps, graphs, charts, discussion points, and questions where applicable. Take the time to organize lecture notes after class, to add key examples from labs and course readings. You can also take help from your teacher and professor. For easiness, you can use color code on each type of topic. This gives you a better visual representation of your study material.


Make a Time Schedule


Once you’re ready to set your study schedule, calculate how many days you have between now and when your exams are. Make a calendar for keeping track and manage your time schedule.


Set a Goal for Your Study Session


There is hardly need to limit your study time per session. After doing studies about 2 or 3 hours, research shows that, we are less able to focus on a specific topic or task, and our concentration and ability to retain information declines. It will prevent you from setting unrealistic goals, it also helps you to make the most productive schedule.


Make Proper Summary Notes


Making summary notes are an ideal way to memorize information. Reading a book won’t help you to retain essential information. Making notes on the other hand will keep important data organized. Because revision notes are vital during your study session. It’s definitely a challenging process, but it will be worth it . it will be a great help for your exams without struggling too much.


Fixed a Review Time Schedule


When you schedule your times to study, you must also fix a review time schedule of ten or fifteen minutes for quick review, what you studied the day before. It will be a great help to keep things fresh in your mind and will remind you time to time about the connections between what you’re doing and what you already did?


Do Practice of Previous Papers


After getting some knowledge, you should do a practice of previous papers. It helps you to know that how much you have learned. And also help to understand a future exam. You can take help from teachers and also can easily perform a Google search to get some papers.


Find Atleast One Learning Partner


Do study with those people who motivate you again and again and make your task easier. Always keep in mind, studying with learning partners has been two way deal. They can be very influential, in a bad way or in a good way. Group learning is good for the brain when done in the right way as the techniques are endless.


Maintain Your Health


  • Eat a healthy balance diet.This will help you to feel better, and will allow you to absorb and retain the information you study in a better way.
  • Do exercise daily. Yoga and Pranayam are the best exercises which will help you to increase your memory. Exercise will also improve your overall confidence.
  • Try to sleep. Study has shown that if you only get 6 hours of sleep daily, you will perform as you as if you had just stayed up for daily.


Give a Break to Your Mind


While you’re scheduling time to study, it’s also important to build breaks into your schedule. Good study habits is necessary to establish the future. To keep the mind healthy is also necessary. For healthy mind, visit motivational place.


Avoid the All-Nighter


Once you know how much time you have to study for each exam, prioritize them. Do not stay up late night or socialize on Facebook. Don’t try any last-ditch heroics to boost your energy-level.


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