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How to Live Life Creatively

Today, we are living in a world where creation and creativity are becoming most important feature in not only individuals but companies and organizations. Science has given us all facilities to train our brain to think more creatively. What about living life more creatively??

Being creative can involve cooking meal from scratch, or even developing a creative solution to negotiation impasse. Whatever you do, creativity helps you to do it.

Here are some prosecutable tips that will make your life more productive…and of course more creative.


Educating yourself is essential:- Education completely changes our way of thinking , our personality and our attitude towards life. Education should be given first priority as it is the source of real happiness in our life. You must believe in yourself and invest in your hidden potential. We all want to see ourself going towards success and this is only possible through proper education.

Make creative people as your friend:- Make-creative-people-as-your-friendCreative people are poles a part. There is something sweet about them that makes them stand out from the crowd. They get motivated at unexpected event. Two reasons to make creative people as your friend are feedback and competition. They are daydreamer. They can fly with their mind at any moment. They watch out world with the eyes of a child. However a group of creative people will push you to be more creative and productive. You will be motivated by their work and you too want to share your work with them. This will make you more creative.


Surround yourself with like minded people:- Surround yourself with people who are your idol, to whom you admire and respect that might inspire you and push you to do good work.


Be ready for disapprovals:- living life creatively requires sacrificing something. You must be ready to ask a lot of question. Holding back will kill your creativity by miles.


Have a courage to challenge others:- Stand for your beliefs and values and you will gain a piece of mind. Main quality of leader is courage and focus. Anything that comes out of you as a creative person is going thought over. Mould your ideas in the ways you want people to see them


Try to travel more:-Creativity is related to how our brain works. You should expose yourself to an entirely different point of view. Keeping senses sharp makes your mind to think in a new way.


Think like an adult, act like a child:- Children are bounded with no boundaries that’s why children are considered as “NATURALLY CREATIVE”. Children tend to go in any direction with their creativity. Most importantly enjoy what you do. Instead of being concerned about your responsibilities, focus all your energy in one direction at a time so that you can put maximum efforts.

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