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Predictions of Our World in 2020

With so many ideas about the tomorrow world, it’s difficult to get a real picture of what the world could be like.
We have collected together some predictions about living in 2020.

1. Self Driving Cars


Self-Driving Cars are already available on the Roads in Texas, Arizona, California and Washington. Still, they are restricted to particular test areas and driving conditions, but it seems that at some point in the future, completely self driving cars will be a mainstream reality.

2. China free of Poverty


China has some plans to remove poverty in the country by 2020. It would be very challenging because around 70 million people live below the poverty line in this country. Let’s hope this does actually happen.

3. The Beginning of the End of Cancer


The evolution of real time diagnostics will mark the beginning of the end of complex diseases. This would need a change in the way the data is processed and shared to achieve. The capability to monitor cancer, the dynamic immune system, intestinal flora and pre-diabetes in real-time will change the medicine nature.

4. Sensor Enriched Soldiers


By 2020, the soldiers will be coated with sensors and equipped with a smart watch and smart glasses. They will all run from the power supply built into their uniform.

5. Fewer Fancy phones, More fulfillment


The world in which we are living is changing at a fast speed. Innovations are creating more convenient services, new gadgets and higher opportunities. But in the village, most of the people have not seen an iPhone and does not know how to download an app. By 2020, we see a slight but significant shift in innovation.

6. Cheaper, More spread Solar power


By 2020, Solar Technologies could be used for a significant portion of power generation. Polysilicon which is the primary raw material of solar power, is very costly, so over the years, new cheaper methods of polysilicon production will be commercialized.

7. The End of Scarcity


The world said humans can’t fly. Years of human inventions had not been able to make it work. But two brothers, working in a bicycle repair shop, without any government funding and with a basic education had a vision and a will to invent, thanks to their determination, a human flew. The power of technology is limited only by our imagination and will.

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