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PayPal is a global e-commerce business, allowing payments & money transfer to be made through the internet.

PayPal is world’s largest internet payment company.

It has launched in 18 countries, with 26 types of currency.

PayPal is an acquired, a performing payment processing for online vender, auction sites,& other users, for which it charges a fee for receiving money, proportional to the amount received.

PayPal has two types:
1. Individual
2. Business.


Features of PayPal are:

1. We can check out PayPal easily with just an email & password.

2. Create shopping at over 10 million stores across more than 200 markets.

3. All financial details are kept secure and never shared.

4. Buyer protection gives full refunds on eligible purchases.


5. Continue earning card reward when you shop.

6. No fees when shopping, unless there’s a currency conversion.

7. Refund returns service helps cover up to $15 USD in return shipping cost.

8. 24/7 security guards every transaction.

9. It is completely safe & secure for online user through PayPal without exposing user’s personal financial information.

10. User can control all his payments.

You have to simply sign up for PayPal to create an account. Then you can send and withdraw money from PayPal account easily.

We can also add a PayPal account with the bank for easy transaction.

PayPal is a secure payment system.

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