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Mistakes That Fails the Content Writing

Writing a content with great efforts and launched it with excitement BUT what happened? IT FAILS………


You don’t know why all this happened? Mostly people think that content writing is very easy. They just see what is going on the internet today, we will also do so. They think that getting success in blog writing is very easy, they just choose a blogging niche because they think it will be commercial but after facing failure they give up soon.

But it is not the right way.

Have you ever thought a bit, why all this happened and What mistakes you did in your content writing? You may laugh, but it is true that a lot of companies invest in content writing on the assumption that this is how it works.


6 Mistakes that make your CONTENT WRITING Boring!

  • You NEVER think twice before creating a content! And never ask questions to yourself that,“ who will support and raise this content and why?”
  • Mistakes-that-make-your-CONTENT-WRITING-Boring

  • NOT Making content by taking help from communities or OBSERVATIONS from surrounding. COPY from other’s content.
  • Sometimes it also depends on READERS, the content that you want to spread it is reaching to the right audience or not?

  • Content creation is good but amplification is poor.
  • Ignoring the content’s channel SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • GIVING up soon? No one can get success just in one night, in reality it will take more time.
  • GIVING-up-soon

Now what should you do?

  • Always try to be REAL! Take views of people around you or just OBSERVE your surroundings with respect to the point you want to write upon.
  • ANALYZE the backdrops and try to give your own opinions. Always give FACTS wherever necessary and at last form a CONCLUSION of your writing.
  • Go beyond with social networks. Find where it’s being shared.
  • Go-beyond-with-social-networks

    Make content that must reach people in order to reach its potential. Use topics that promote themselves.
  • Build relations with them who can help you in writing a content and amplify the content.
  • Build-relations

  • If your content is right, then content marketing is rising tide that lifts the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ships.
  • Keep patience as success always comes failure after failure.

Always Keep in Mind-

“Readers are the lifeblood of your blog. Their comments are the treasure for you —especially in the early days of your blog. Seek from their feedback when you’re deciding what to post about, and always survey them.”


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