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Leadership During Turning Point

“Show yourself strong when you are weak and weak when you are strong.”

All the leaders are measured on the basis of their success. However,some leaders don’t know how to handle the situation at the time of crisis.


Always we have two ways to handle the situations. There is no word ‘Fail’ if we know how to handle the situation.

Here are the points which leaders can follow at the time of crisis:

1. Everyone should start with a plan, because every plan starts with an objective.


2. Select a person who can speak about the company, participate in interviews and can answer the media questions frequently.

3. Being honest and open never generates a negative impact on media coverage. Transparency is the best tool to handle the situation in crisis.

4. Keep the employees up-to-date about the necessary terms and events, this can reduce the rumors.

5. Be in touch of your customers and suppliers to avoid the crisis, because update about the events to the customer and suppliers reduces the problems.


6. Never forget to update recent events,news on social media because social media is the best medium of communication.

7. Always deal with trust and confidence with your employees, it builds trust in your employees that you care for their work.

When leaders believe in themselves and on their employees, he can handle any situation because “Unity is The Strength”.

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