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Latest Topics for Seminars

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger/Acquisition is a technique which is easy to think but very hard to implement. Mergers and acquisitions as an external development strategy has gained surge due to increased privatization, deregulation, globalization and liberalization followed by several countries.

Strategies for Overcoming the Fear of Failure & Rejection

Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s an inevitable life part and even an essential step toward innovation and success. At some phase of life, almost all of us have experienced self doubt, did negative comparisons between ourselves and other people, or felt like we’re not smart, talented or disciplined enough to meet our targets.

Win-Win Negotiation

Negotiation is a life part. The objective of win-win negotiation is to discover a solution that is fair to both parties, and both parties feel that they’ve won, in some way, after the event.
There are various styles of negotiation based on circumstances.

Leadership During Times of Change

Leaders are examined at the times of adversity and change, not in success times. In the face of trouble and change we appreciate the leaders that are strong and compassionate at the same time. It appears like we have to go through a hard time every once in a while to show our true leadership qualities.

Branding for the 21st Century

If you are aware about your expertise, it will be beneficial for building your brand and for future business development. In 21st century, having a decent website, a basic LinkedIn profile and good SEO results is not enough. Today’s people go online to find the service providers, compare their offerings and then choose the options.

Improving Your Mental Focus: Getting the Most Out of Day

Improving your mental focus means increasing ability to concentrate, to immerse or to involve yourself within an activity, a task or goal for an extended time period without getting distracted. The more focused we are, the more successful we can be.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation is the process of quitting Tobacco Smoking. Tobacco contains Nicotine which is very addictive. In UK, there are about 10 million smokers. It is the biggest cause of premature death. Smoking cessation decreases the risk of dying from tobacco related diseases.

Empowerment for Women

Empowerment for Women cannot be facilitated in a magical way. It is not a spontaneous or an automatic process, but requires consistent and deliberate efforts. It is possible by the combined and co-ordinated efforts of the people, Government and the women.

Zero Knowledge proofs

Zero Knowledge proofs mean to prove something without disclosing any information: the prover can assure the verify that he knows some secret without telling anything about the secret and without allowing the verifier to replicate the proof to someone else. Zero Knowledge approaches can be utilized for user identification purposes.

Global workplace by year 2020

More smart world would be coming in future, people now wants fastest service and want to access anything and everything at any time anywhere. A lot of brands will be in the market in 2020. People would have trusting society and avoid all fake activities.

Business Intelligent – Alignment of IT & Business

Alignment of IT & business is a dynamic state in which a business organization is capable to use information technology (IT) effectively to get the business objectives – usually enhanced financial performance or marketplace competitiveness.

IT- SPINS -Security Protocol For Sensor Network

SPINS Security protocol has two building blocks: SNEP and μTESLA. SNEP consists: data confidentiality, evidence of data freshness and two-party data authentication. μTESLA supports authenticated broadcast for extremely resource-constrained environments.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is the science of discovering infrared energy radiated from an object, changing it to apparent temperature, and showing the result as an infrared image. Infrared thermography is a predictive maintenance and proactive troubleshooting tool.

BiCMOS Technology

BiCMOS is one of the superior technologies which is used for low power, high speed and high functional VLSI circuits. It is a combination of CMOS and bipolar technology. CMOS technology provides high switching, I/O speed and good noise performance.

Cellular Neurobiolology

Cellular Neurobiology is the study of the brain from a cellular point of view. It tells about how cells interact and communicate. Latest Cellular Neurobiology uses different genetic, molecular, NT biological and biophysical approaches for neuronal development, signaling and apoptosis.

Molecular Modeling

Molecular Modeling enables the scientists to visualize molecules by the use of computer. Visualizing means representing the molecular structure numerically and simulating the behavior by the equations of classical and quantum physics.

Phylogenetic Analysis

Phylogenetic methods are used for many purposes i.e. analysis of morphological and many kinds of molecular data. Phylogenetic Analysis has two important components:

  • Phylogeny Inference and “Tree Building”
  • Character and Rate Analysis


Immunology is the study of immune systems in all organisms. Immune system is made up of various kinds of cells and molecules which are distributed in every body tissue.

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography is used to perform the cryptographic tasks. Quantum key distribution is the well known and developed application of quantum cryptography. Quantum cryptography uses our current knowledge of physics for developing a cryptosystem which is completely secure.


Neurophysiology is the branch of physiology and neuroscience which covers the study of functioning of nervous system. Neurophysiology also plays an important role in monitoring people who have disorders affecting the brain.