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Indian Government Introduced Anti Virus & Botnet Cleaning Tools

Security is the degree of protection from harm. It used for any vulnerabilities and/or valuable resource, such as a person, dwelling, community, item, nation, or organization.

Security can be defined in two parts, 1st- Negative is about danger, threat, etc.
2nd – Positive is about opportunities, interests, profits, etc.

Negative part needs military equipment, armies, or the police and Positive part needs social capital, education, or social interaction.

Now, Indian Government introduced Anti Virus and Botnet Cleaning tools. India’s “Digital India” campaign by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology “Cyber Hygiene” launched a website.


This website is launched to create a safe cyberspace and to protect the Indian System user’s “Botnet”. This website is launched under “Digital India” campaign. This website will operate in coordination with Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Antivirus companies.

Download following tools for Botnet Cleaning:

USB Pratirodh

USB Pratirodh is a desktop security solution, which controls the usage of removable storage media like pen drives, external hard drives, cell phones, and other supported USB Mass Storage devices.



AppSamvid is a desktop based Application White listing solution for Windows operating system. It permits only preapproved set of executable files for execution.



M-Kavach is an inclusive mobile device security solution for threats related to mobile phones. It introduced threats related to malware that abduct personal data & credentials, misuse Wi-Fi and Bluetooth resources, spam SMSs, premium-rate SMS and unwanted / unsolicited incoming calls.


JSGuard Browser

JSGuard Browser is an extension of the browsers which is added to catch the malicious attacks made through browsers. This tool will notify the user for the attacks made by the browser.

You can use these tools frequently of the website and can download from the given link.

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