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How You can Increase Your Internet Speed

Fast and Efficient internet connection is an essential component of our daily life. No one wants slow speeds and weak connections because it can be frustrating and event costly. Some steps are given below to increase internet speed and improve the performance of your web connected devices:

1. Check Your Filters


If your internet is connected to a phone line that also has a telephone on it, then you need to install a good quality filters installed on your line. If you use low quality filter, it may drop internet speed and you will experience frequent disconnections. So always use good quality filters.

2. Check Your Modem/ Router Cables.

Check-Your-Modem/ Router-Cables

The biggest reasons of slowed down internet speed are bad modems, dirty and dusty cables. Never use old and broken cables and replace the worn or outdated cables. Never hook long cable in between your ISP line and modem. Make it short as possible.

3. Scan for Viruses


Make sure no virus is causing you to slow down. Sometimes virus lives on your computer and slows down your internet speeds.


4. Check for On-System and External Interference


Sometimes virus scanner, electronic things and other programs can interfere your internet speed. But you can analyze it by switching off things and then running a speed test again. Try to keep your electronics things out of your modem space.


5. Turn Off Your Cordless Phone


Some people do not agree this, but cordless phone can also slow down your internet speed. So do an isolation test by removing your cordless phone and then see whether you get better results.


6. Update Firmware and Software Regularly.


Router and modem has its own software so you need to update the software regularly. You can login to your modem by following your brand instructions. Update your computer desktop version, operating system, etc as the wireless setting also becomes less compatible over time.

7. Contact to Your Internet Service Provider to Upgrade Your Service.


If multiple users are using one internet network, then it affects the internet speed. The only solution of this is to contact your internet service provider and mention that you are interested in upgrading your service.

8. Turn Off any Internet Connected Devices When not in Use.


In today’s time, everyone has more than 5 internet ready devices in our home. When they are all turned on, they may be using up bandwidth from your internet connection even if they are not being used. So turn off any internet connected devices when not in use.

9. Install Glasswire’s Firewall Software and Network Monitoring Tool


Download Glasswire Firewall Software. It is freely available. This software will help you to protect your privacy and security by monitoring your network activity because you don’t know how many applications on your computer are sending private data over the internet without your knowledge.

10. Remove any Unnecessary Programs from Your Device


Use the Add or Remove programs feature of your control panel to remove the programs which are not frequently used. They can also use the bandwidth of your internet connection by running in the background.


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