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Get Better Grades

To score better grades, some points you should follow:

1. Choose a Peaceful Place :

  • When you want to study or want to do some important work, then choose a place where no one can distract you.
  • Keep away mobiles or any device which can reduce your concentration on your work.


2. Take Short Breaks:

  • When we continue our study for a long time, we need rest.
    In this situation take rest not more than 5 to10 Minutes.
  • Take short breaks because if we take long interval breaks it crashes our continuation.

3. Complete the Work Which Allocated to You Before One Day of Last Date

Finish your allocated work before one day of the due date of Submission. This provides you the time for additional preparation and for better performance. Always do your work impressive and attractive.


4. Neat Work

If your work is clean and up to the grade mark, it impresses your teacher. So, to score better marks do your work neat and clean. Neat work builds good relation between teacher and student.


5. Use Time Wisely

Utilize spare time to study. Effective use of time supports us to get good grades. If you are using spare time for your study, take a pen and paper, note down the important points in that paper.
This will help you to prepare for your test also.

6. Take All the Classes Which You like

  • Don’t waste your time by attending repeated classes. Take only those classes in which you are interested and going to take first time.
  • Don’t attend the classes which you have already taken.


7. View Optional Extra Projects

When you have finished your allocated work, try to view extra things which enhance your knowledge. It can improve your grades 2 to 3%.



8. Have a Good Attitude for Exams

When you are preparing for your coming exam, have Confidence, because positive attitude builds you to read better, whole night before exam day. Positive attitude gives you the confidence.


9. Compare Successful Work of Others

To do your work better and want to score good grades, then see the work of other successful people. Don’t
Copy them, only see how they do it. This will make you to do your work better than others.


10. Watch Unsuccessful Person’s Work

Watch the work of unsuccessful persons and do opposite of their work. It also makes you to take knowledge and good grades.



11. Be Organized

To complete your work in a better way, organized yourself to do the work. An organized work supports us to get success.



12. Review Your Notes Immediately after the Class

If you can see your class notes after classes, review them into the hall or at home at least for 5 minutes every day. It improves your remembering power. If you don’t have notes, then prepare your own notes and read them.


13. See Your Textbooks before Classes

Try to review your textbooks before classes begin.
View those topics which will be teaching in your class, it’s only the method to know what is going into the class. It is the way to enhance your knowledge also.


14. Study with Your Companion

Try to study with your fellow students, he or she can have better knowledge as compared to you about the subject. You can take guidance from your parents who can know about the subject better than you. It will help you in scoring good grades with others help.

15. Get Help

Never feel shy to take help from others, because another person’s view may be us for useful to score good grades.
By taking support from others, we come to know what we learnt.



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