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6 Ways to Turn Your Weak Points into Your Strengths

We can change our weak points into strengths by practice and determination. According to the ten thousand hours concept when you spend 10,000 hours in practicing any skill or weakness, you actually convert that into your strength.

No one is born with a weakness that cannot be changed and challenged. Also, we may have some skills right from our birth but that doesn’t determine our rate of success in the future. For instance, anyone good in debate won’t automatically become a good advocate. Now, if you dream to become a chartered accountant, but you feel you are not comfortable with numbers, then that’s not the end of your dream. Of course, you can enhance your skills by practice.

There are a lot of people who overcame their flaws, changed their weak points into strength and became successful in the field which they think, they were never good at. There are many people who worked in various fields, but pursued their writing practice and became writer preachers, the best authors, and inspiration to many.

Below are a few ways to turn your weak points into your strength

1. Dedication

dedicationAlong with practice, dedication is that alchemist that can convert your weakness into your strength. Practice with full dedication in your improvement area. If your weak point is the fear of public appearance, then dedicate yourself to fully overcome it. You can cross the milestone confidently. Never give up. Build confidence and keep practicing with full dedication.

2. Focus

FocusShift your focus on your weakness development, but do not get troubled with converting it into perfection. Spend your time in practicing and developing the flaws. Set a realistic aim for yourself and work hard to fulfill it even if you have to spend more time than others would normally do.


3. Identify and Accept Your Weakness

identify-and-accept-your-weaknessTo convert your weakness into strength, it’s essential that you recognize your weak points. Once you recognize it, you must have the guts to admit it. If you keep denying the existence of your weakness continuously, there is no possibility of improvement. It’s not a bad thing to accept the weakness. Also, everyone has some flaw or the other. So, find your weakness and accept it fearlessly to convert it into your strength.

4. Look for Help

Look-for-HelpThere is no restriction that you and only you must work on your weak points. Take help and guidance from your trusted people and you can be open with. Seeking for help doesn’t show helplessness, but it represents that you want to climb the ladder of enhancement to reach the peak.

5. Be Completely Prepared

be-completely-preparedRemove your weakness by being fully prepared. For instance, if you have a weakness of forgetting stuff, then keep a list handy at places you access generally more. The best way to efficiently turn your weakness into strength is to make a list of weaknesses you resonate, and then organize them as per your preference. Begin working on them one by one. The areas which are most important for your endeavor, enhance them first and at least, become good enough to carry on the task.

6. Carry a SWOT Analysis

Carry-a-SWOT-AnalysisSWOT analysis, stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis is broadly used in the corporate world to recognize and work on weaknesses and utilize the strength to maximum optimization, to capture opportunities and to turn threats into opportunities. Since, SWOT analysis is evenly effective for personal use as well. Each weakness has an adjoining strength. Accept and list them, do the analysis, and start working on the developments.


It’s next to impossible to turn all your weaknesses into your strengths; thus, focus on the ones that are achievable.

Weakness is simply a threat until identified and corrected. Hope this article supports you in turning your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. All the best!

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